Every memory has its music ... every journey has its sound track.

I grew up listening to everything from rock and roll and Motown to show tunes, and soulful ballads. I loved Tony Bennett, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and other greats from the past along with the Beatles, James Brown, Bonnie Raitt, Carole King, and Linda Ronstadt. I have been singing their songs ever since. My journey has taken me to live and sing in memorable places, from Dallas to Nashville, from New York to Hollywood.

Wherever I sang, be it an East Village club, a Hollywood theater, Nashville honky-tonk, or a West Texas bar, I could pull out these songs from my suitcase – and always see audiences relax into the music. Whether these pieces conjured up old memories or created new ones didn’t matter: I knew people would soon be smiling, and maybe singing along, even if only in their minds.      ~ Laura Tate

Smokey Tango

I Must Be Dreaming

Live From El Paso

Blue Train

Let's Just Be Real

Songs From My Suitcase