Blues-E-News recently did “5 Quick Questions” with 2021 Independent Blues Awards Nominee, Laura Tate. Blues E-News, August 25, 2021

She’s a remarkable singer with a striking voice, pure tone and relaxed delivery as her band of top LA area musicians swing effortlessly behind her.  The end result is an uplifting, feel-good, artistically superior album. The Rock Doctor, John Kereiff

There are several, if not many, female vocalists/musicians playing today.  All are very good.  Laura Tate is a cut above.  A natural blues/jazz voice that will raise the hairs on your arm. Blues Highway, April 25, 2021

If we can apply the Beetlejuice occasion of saying a name three times to make someone appear, let’s go “Laura Tate, Laura Tate, Laura Tate.” Damn. It didn’t work. At least we’ve got the next best thing, a CD called Laura Tate Live From El Paso.  Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint, April 13, 2021

Big Top Hat from Live at El Paso album by  Laura Tate A hot, hot song from a hot  album about bad love and other mistakes. Recorded in the perfect acoustics of McKelligan Canyon natural amphitheater  in the hills  around El Paso, this song will keep you moving and the whole album will do the same.  IndiePulse Music, Hot Half Dozen, April 13, 2021

When we meet characters of the depth of Laura Tate we are very pleased to be able to present their qualities, which in this case are not exclusively limited to the pure artistic sphere, but are also expressed in actions of concrete solidarity: grown up in a family that I 'has encouraged since childhood to follow her artistic passions, Laura has developed a talent both in the theater and then as a singer. She from Dallas, where she grew up, she then gained experiences in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, as a theater actress, to then arrive on television on programs with a large following. She has worked in several music videos supporting musicians ranging from Phil Collins to Gloria Estefan, from Megadeth to Cheap Trick, a remarkable flexibility, which only in the last decade has led her to undertake a solo room from which she is receiving constant recognition. This live recorded in El Paso, the city where she lives, on the border between Texas and New Mexico, is a great way to get to know her characteristics, bright and clean voice emerges from the initial "No Place to Hide", thanks to those Latin American flavors that are immediately pleasing to listen. The presence of wind instruments is a driving factor, as we see in the following "I'll Find Someone Who Will", in which the Texan sound is decidedly more present: on the other hand the band that accompanies it is of the highest level so interventions on the sax by Joe Sublett or by Lee Thornburg on the trombone and Darrell Leonard on the trumpet give that particular touch that captivates the listener. They are still the protagonists in the new night club version of 'The Boys Are Back in Town', the famous Thin Lizzy hit offered here with a decidedly interesting verve. Laura tackles the blues canons in the best way, passing from the lazy cadence of "I Need a Man" to the enthralling "Hittin 'On Nothing" with the same confidence, which we also find in the excellent "Nobody Gets Hurt", which it seems to move in the swampy stretches of the great river while keeping the rudder firmly in place. His stylistic elegance emerges among the jazzy tints of "Can't Say No", where even the guitarist Doug Hamblin and the pianist Jeff Paris show their qualities, which we also find in evidence in the syncopated rhythm of "What A Way To Go ”the Tate offers here and in the sophisticated slow“ Cowboy Jazz ”a couple of captivating interpretations of the compositional talent of Mel Harker, an author particularly appreciated by her (present here in two other tracks). The disc ends with the freshness of “Big Top Hat”, a boogie that exudes Texas in every passage, finally leaving with the soulful flavors of “If That Ain't Love”. As initially mentioned Laura is very involved in various voluntary organizations and has received particular acknowledgments from Presidents Bush and Obama, even the proceeds of this concert were in fact donated to one of these bodies, one more reason to appreciate and support a work done with great professionally and commitment. Il Blues, No. 157, March 2021, pg 35, Luca Zaninello

From the first track to the last, Live From El Paso is an absolute gem... The Boys Are Back In Town is one of the best covers I’ve ever heard, and I don’t mean covers for just this song – I mean of all cover songs... Live From El Paso is a good album to fit almost every mood. The music moves along seamlessly, flowing from one great tune to another.  Jan-Feb 2021 Issue of The Groove, the bi-monthly newsletter of Crossroads Blues Society Review, Lynn Hetzler

Laura has a relaxed style and conveys all the lyrics with clarity and a definite sense of what the song is seeking to convey, whether it be raw emotion or humor. For a live album the sound is excellent and the performances on the money with no excessive soloing from any of the band. Anyone who missed Laura’s last two albums can enjoy many of those songs here in live performance. Blues Blast Magazine, Issue 14-49, Dec 1, 2020, John Mitchell 

The whole results in an eclectic performance of assumed professionalism and contagious joie de vivre. The titles she performs range from blues ballads to catchy rock and jazzy pieces. It’s a pleasure to hear it and imagine it moving in such a friendly atmosphere producing such fluid music! It evolves there with an invigorating nature and with the ease of a fish in water. (love it) (Canada), November/December 2020, Rythme et Musique, Pierre Jobin

I have to say I was so enthralled by this entire album. It is such an entertaining and joyous album, covering such a diversity of songs and styles, that you find yourself feeling quite jealous of the audience having this wonderful experience. The backing band, incredible lush live production and Laura's superb vocals, delivery and personality shine through on this outstanding live album. The Mystery Train 2SSR FM 99.7 Sydney Australia, David Roman

Interview with Making a Scene!, Richard L'Hommedieu