She’s a well-known actress. She’s a superb singer. And her latest album comes with deep devotion to the soulful music of New Orleans. The voice comes from Texas and the spirit comes from Laura Tate’s big heart. Behind her lead vocals the session includes guitar, keyboards, rhythm, and horns. The title track, by Mel Harker, paints a picture of backstreet dancehalls and intimate club scenes where everyone takes romance casually. The song walks on air as Tate explains what it’s like to feel the mood among friends. The Deep Purple song “Smoke on the Water” adds more of the same nuance as Tate graces the lyrics with a sly charm. The horns add a rhythmic texture that contrasts mildly with her voice and Billy Watts’ slide guitar paints the proper mood. Together, they rock solid with a slow-moving drive and a tempered outlook. The session moves from soul to country to R&B, but never lets go of the New Orleans theme. “Rougarou” steps lively with background chants, “Champagne Melody” plays an old-time street band swan song, and “I Heard a Rumor” struts some stuff with accented drive. Billy Watts, once again, lends a helpful hand on guitar with this session highlight. This album, Laura Tate’s sixth, provides insight into her Texas-bred spirit as well as toward the music of New Orleans. Jim Santella, Southland Blues e-Weekly, Volume 17, Issue 4 - January 27, 2023

On Danny Everitt's "I Heard A Rumor," Tate spins a love song into a Latin fused track with plenty of spice. With Wilson on Wurlitzer, Paris on piano and Watts on slide, this is another cool track. With sassy, blues infused vocals by Tate and New Orleans styling reinforced by Leonard on trumpet and cool piano by Watts, this track shows real versatility. Bman Blues Report, January 27, 2023

El Paso-based Laura Tate is a Texas born and bread, who is blessed with a voice and soul as varied, dynamic and distinctive as her home state. Smokey Tango is her sixth Cd and is a very impressive demonstration of he jazz/soul/blues abilities. Tate's sultry, wry, knowing vocals flow over the music like liquid honey. This is a really enjoyable album. Rhys "Lightnin" Williams, Blues Blast Magazine, January 14, 2023

Ms. Tate is a poised and passionate vocalist. Her sweet and sultry approach reveals an affinity for jazz. Smokey Tango will appeal to fans of Southern music who are looking for a well-performed set with seamless variety. Thomas J Cullen III, Blues Music Magazine

Tate's father drove her family to New Orleans when she was a child to expose her to NOLA jazz and blues, and her sixth album leans strongly in that direction. It is produced by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Terry Wilson, who co-wrote one of the songs with his wife, Teresa James, who provides several backing vocals. With such a stellar cast, it's hard to go wrong. The dozen tracks well display Tate's sultry and mellifluous voice." Steve Daniels, Big City Rhythm & Blues

The title track 'Smokey Tango' brings jazz to the fore, but nevertheless this is swinging and sultry enjoyment. Rootsville Online Out Of Belgium. December 2022

"Smokey” is certainly a good place to start when describing Laura Tate’s vocals.  Ther is a sensual quality to her voice that could make the “Alphabet Song” adult fare. Reflections on Blues, Chicken Wilson, October 2022

From her velvety vocals, to the spell binding rhythm and percussion, to the mystical horn chords, to the graceful piano leads, everything about this performance was masterfully done. Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro, SLF Music Magazine. October 2022

By playing with the subtleties and nuances of the sounds born in Cescent City, Laura Tate takes us into a tasty musical universe., Le blues dan tous ses estats, October 2022

A large group of musicians, among which Teresa James, Billy Watts, Paulie Cerra or Darrell Leonard stand out, help to clothe and give presence to the delicate voice of Laura Tate in an album full of subtleties, fantasies and careful details, developed with great care. and lots of love. La Hora del Blues (Spain) Review, October 2022